Hi, I'm Tim.

I’m an online fitness and nutrition coach and I’m glad that you found this page. Some of you may know me as the fitness dude with the perfectly coiffed hair who trains hard and yet still enjoys some of life’s greatest pleasures. When I’m not exploring LA checking the latest restaurant or hipster bar, I can be found creating the best training program for all of my online coaching clients.

But for those who don’t know me, here’s a bit of my background:

I first got into fitness when I was 18. 

I grew up overweight during my childhood and wanted to make a serious change in my life.  My mother had passed away from stomach cancer when I was 9 years old and I knew that diet was crucial in maintaining your health and well-being. So I decided to major in nutrition in college and learned everything I could about proper diet and exercise. After training hard and eating right my freshman year, I lost most of the weight I had gained during my childhood and felt better than I have ever before. I was more confident, I fit better into my clothes and wasn’t winded anymore going on random walks. Plus I'd say I look pretty good too.

Along the way during my undergrad, I ended up getting certified as a personal trainer.  Health and fitness became my passion and I wanted to help as many people as I can to improve their lives. Once I got certified, I began training as soon as I graduated.

For over eight years I have helped many busy men and women lose fat and build muscle without sacrificing what they enjoy. As someone who loves eating great food, drinking delicious cocktails and watching cheesy 80s and 90s films, I know that life is too short to not have those things.

You see, losing fat and getting in shape doesn’t have to suck. Fitness should be fun and you shouldn't have to give up your favorite foods and drinks in order to reach your goals. You can get in shape without going on an ultra strict diet and without destroying yourself with hardcore workouts every day. You also don’t need to go on some bullshit cleanse or detox as well, because we all know they don’t work.

But if you DO want to know what works in transforming your body, see my online coaching page for more information.