I'm a filmmaker who spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer.  After sustaining a foot injury, I ended up spending WAY too much time in front of the computer and gained quite a bit of weight. 

Prior to working with Tim, I felt like garbage.  My foot hurt horribly, I looked bad, my skin was bad, and I just had an overall feeling of "meh".  

I was quite concerned that I was going to hurt my foot even more and that I was NEVER going to look the way I wanted to look again (I used to look like Hugh Jackman in Wolverine -- JK).  I was also concerned (seriously) about having to look like a schlub in front of other people in the gym.  Clearly, my self-esteem was quite low.

The hardest thing for me to change was the consistency of going to the gym or doing SOMETHING active each day.  After a while, though, I got into the swing of things and started feeling really great.  I would take 1-2 days off a week if I was super-exhausted or sore, but I tried and overcame the lackadaisical attitude I used to have.

I hit a low point during the holidays.  I let myself go and ate ALL the meats and cheeses and didn't workout at all.  Before I knew it, I had gained a bit of the weight back.  I was so disappointed and wanted to give up on working out and eating healthy forever.  I overcame that feeling when I reached out to Tim and he sent me some really positive messages telling me I can get back to where I was as long as I kept it up.  He said I had come so far and it would be horrible to just give up.  His words worked.

I've gained an incredible amount of strength in my upper and lower body and my foot stopped hurting after only 2 weeks of work.  My average pace per mile while running a 2-mile run went from almost 10 minutes to under 8 minutes per mile.  I lost almost 25 pounds and started to feel comfortable in my clothes.  My posture improved, my skin looked better, and I felt great!  

- Matt

"Tim was simply fantastic to have as a coach. My wife and I were looking for a coach that would not only help us with focused training, but also really teach us the fundamentals of strength training so that we could stay with it even after we moved. He was able to easily adapt routines and exercises to match our very different fitness levels and goals. He consistently pushed us to new highs and personal bests while still being courteous and professional. He always seemed to be able to shake things up with new activities, even after several months. Outside of his fitness expertise, he's a funny and outgoing guy who seems to always be in a good mood. Renewing with Tim was a no-brainer, and we were sad to lose him when we moved out of the area. We both highly recommend him.”

-Matthew E. CEO at OpenCritic


"Tim is extremely knowledgable in the field of health and fitness. He mad our sessions together tough but fun. The best part is that Tim brings results! He worked around my busy schedule, which is important when you have a demanding job; I frequently had to reschedule at the last minute due to work obligations. I would recommend Tim without hesitation."

-Kevin S. Corporate Director Preoperative Services & Orthopedic Service Line


"Tim has made it possible for me to enjoy working out again and helped me maintain my commitment. By introducing new exercises each week, he keeps my interest level high and the workouts fresh. Most importantly, he keeps me safe by focusing on my form and by listening to my input. This has helped me avoid aggravating past injuries and helped keep me on track. Each time I work out with Tim, I learn something new and grow more confident in the gym. Try a session with him. You won't be disappointed."

-Jason G. Senior Vice President of Finance for Universal Music Group

"After many sessions with Tim, I can honestly say that the experience has definitely been worth it. I've been a distance runner for many years and had no idea that I could benefit so much from a trainer. He's extremely knowledgeable in strength and fitness training,nutrition, and the science behind it all. He's a very encouraging, positive person and is always professional. The workouts are diverse, fun, and tough without feeling overwhelming. I also know that I'm learning safe, proper form. I have learned so much from Tim, and would recommend a consultation to anyone interested in expanding and improving his or her fitness. I've definitely seen results!"

-Natalie K. Physician at UCLA Health System


"Tim's deep knowledge of the latest physical training methods as well as nutrition definitely gives him an edge over any trainer I have worked with in the past. Tim is able to craft workouts and regimens that really push me to the edge of what I thought I was capable of achieving. I have been able to confidently add to my workouts a number of key movements that target major muscle groups with Tim's guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to any friends or colleagues who are looking to advance their training regimens."

-Eric P. Creative Director of eSports at Riot Games


"I have had a bunch of great sessions with Tim, and continue to work with him as my trainer. I initially asked him to help me with troubled areas in my neck and upper back, while also focusing on core strength. I've had great results so far, and recommend him to anyone. He is professional and very knowledgable in strength, fitness, and related areas. Tim keeps me focused on good form, which is mission critical. His workouts are tough but balanced, so I always feel like I have gotten so much more out of gym time with his help. He regularly introduces new exercises focused on the areas I care about, and is willing to help me really learn them. I regularly have schedule challenges, and Tim is also very flexible in accommodating my changing schedule. I have tried to go down this path before at other gyms and have a number of prior bad experiences to compare this to. I recommend Tim without hesitation."


"I think Tim is an excellent coach. He takes safety precautions when training, and is very good at tailoring workouts to suit individual client needs. I like that he sticks to tried and true exercises, not necessarily the latest fad. He is extremely personable, and has excellent follow through with his clients even after their time has come to an end."

-Samantha E. Buyer, Beauty Marmaxx at TJX

"Tim is great! His approach is well thought-out and tailored to the individual. His workouts are challenging, informative and a bit of fun at the same time!"

-David M. Senior Consultant at Agile360

"Tim was a very good coach. He motivated me both when I was in the gym, and when I was away for work. He gave me specialized workouts to use when I was out of town, which was very helpful to me."

-Lauren S. Reality TV Producer