The Busy Executive Fitness Program


The Busy Executive Fitness Program


Are you a busy executive with a demanding, high stress job filled with meetings, deadlines and quotas?  

Are you a former athlete or used to be extremely physically active but no longer due to your profession?  

Do you have a hard time fitting exercise into your schedule?  Do you also have difficulty with knowing what the best exercises are for you need to do to get the most out of your training?  Is your current fitness program not giving you the results that you desire?

If so, look no further than The Busy Executive Fitness Program!

As a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer since 2009, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients that are in the same position as you are.  With my experience in the industry, I’ve put together an outline of what you’ll need to do to not only get in shape, but to stay in shape as well.  

In this book you will get:

  • An 8-week, three times a week training program and template for the gym for you to follow.
  • A minimal four week training program if you are traveling and all you have access to is a hotel gym or a space with minimal equipment.
  • Complete mobility and warm-up guidelines that are time efficient and effective!
  • Complete exercise video library so you know how to do each of the exercises safely and correctly.
  • Simple and effective nutrition guidelines for fat loss and muscle gain.

If you follow The Busy Executive Fitness Program, you’ll be guaranteed to lose fat and build muscle without spending countless hours in the gym that you don’t have.  For 19.99, you’re getting a complete training program with exercise videos and proper instruction.  A normal personal training session with me costs a bit over three times as that.   That’s a phenomenal deal for a program that helps you achieve your goals in 8 weeks.  Take it, try it out for 60 days, and if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase I’ll refund every penny.

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