How a Busy 55 Year Old Manager Dropped a Pants Size and Built Muscle


This is the story of my client Lori, a 55 year old badass who works as a product manager for a major healthcare company. She reached out to me because she wanted to reach her goals and needed help to get her there. Here is what she had to say about working with me:

“Let me start by saying that I’m in my mid-50’s and have been strength training for most of my life.   I know what I want from my physique and now that I’m older and mostly a desk jockey I’m very mindful towards injury prevention and maintaining muscle mass. 

Another big deal is not having to think about what exercises I’m going to do each time I enter the gym.  I just want to get down to business with a solid plan. Enter Tim Liu Fitness!  I met Tim when he worked at my corporate gym. 

When he came out with his eBook “The Busy Executive Fitness Program” that provides 8-weeks of strength training plans, I swiped it up.  I’ve found it to be a fantastic resource that I’ve gone back to time and time again - each time experiencing strength improvements.  It’s one of those resources that doesn’t become obsolete. 

Recently, I’ve been battling recurring inflammation to my wrist and hip/glute.  I enlisted Tim for a custom online program that would meet my individual needs of 2-3 times a week of all-body workouts being mindful of those chronic issues.   Tim thoughtfully created a program that would strengthen and not stress those areas. 

The routines are holistic and challenging and I’ve noticed considerable improvements in my body composition and overall strength.  I’ve dropped a pants size, I’ve been asked if I was a “fitness professional” and a “spin instructor”.    Did I mention I’m pushing 55?

Tim checks in regularly with me to see how my day or week is going.  Sometimes we make small tweaks in the program.   He’s always available and prompt to reply by text or via his fitness app to answer question --- which I’ve done several times while at the gym needing some instant advice.  

Tim compiled a great custom workout program for me that gets results and that makes me feel great!”

As you can see, Lori has made tremendous progress. She’s dropped a pants size, built muscle, gotten stronger, and her stomach is looking even better than before!

In order to build muscle and lose fat, you’ll need a custom training program that will help you build strength and a diet that is catered to your lifestyle. You can have the world’s best training program or meal plan but if you can’t implement it consistently, it doesn’t mean anything.

Many programs are cookie cutter with crazy workouts and restrictive diets that is not designed for everyone. Fitness should be a part of your life, not your entire life. The best programs are ones that you can get results from consistently without compromising your busy life.

With Lori’s training program, she only worked out three times a week.

We picked the best exercises for her given what she needed and where she was at and made adjustments along the way. She changed up her diet as well and look at the great results she got from it.

If you would like to get results like Lori did working with me, then head over to my online coaching page and apply.